HYCLEAN Self Cleaning Harp Screens

The Potter & Soar range of self cleaning screens has been specifically developed to overcome blinding problems often encountered when screening damp or sticky material.

Benefits and materials:
The unique self cleaning action of these screens is achieved by the different relative frequencies at which crimped and straight wires vibrate. Potter & Soar self cleaning screens are made to individual customer order enabling the crossweaves to be located such that they sit on the camber bars of the screen deck. This has two clear advantages: 1 - Open area of the screen is maximised ensuring optimum throughput of material and 2 - Screen life is prolonged reducing down time and costly screen changes.

All Potter & Soar self cleaning screens are available in either High Tensile or Stainless Steel wire. High Tensile is the most widely used material although the smooth surface of Stainless Steel is known to discourage the adhesion of small particles where particularly difficult screening conditions are encountered.


Types of Weave

1. HYCLEAN. Manufactured with alternately straight and horizontally crimped wires. The crimped wires are set at an angle of 90 degrees giving apertures that are almost triangular. Normally used where the feed material contains over 10% of 5 times the aperture size.

2. HYCLEAN S. Similar in design to standard Hyclean but the straight wires are omitted completely. This results in an almost square aperture set diagonally on the screen. Normally used where the feed material contains under 10% of 5 times the aperture size.
3. HYFLEX & HYFLEX S. Manufactured to the same design as standard screens but with polyurethane crossbands in place of wire crossweaves. Normally used in conditions of severe abrasion, and to give screen surface greater flexibility.

The table below sets out the more popular standard aperture sizes of Self Cleaning Screens in regular production at Potter & Soar and available on short delivery. In addition to the listed specifications other aperture sizes can be manufactured if required. Please contact our sales team if the specific aperture size required is not shown.

Standard specification - Readily Available
Available on Special Order Only


Potter & Soar have also developed a wide range of slotted meshes to solve screening problems in a variety of industries for different screening conditions. These include increased output rectangular meshes, double and triple shute longslot meshes, and polyurethane banded 'piano wire' type screens. Potter & Soar are always happy to work with their customers to develop meshes to solve particular screening problems.


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